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Project This is the index for Projects where all the enhancements and fixes on our RV will be documented. Use the links (if available) to separate posts for each project.

To name a few:

  • Towing one of our cars behind the RV (Started 6/17/2016) See here
  • Replacing the sleep number bed with a different mattress (There is a leak)
  • Adding a surge protector (Completed 6/25/2016)  See here
  • Replacing the old analog TVs with digital flat-screen TV Finally completed 5/11/2017 see write up here
  • Adding a dashcam
  • Adding an RV GPS Completed 4/27/2016 See here
  • Need a flag pole and flags
  • Replacing the artwork next to the fridge
  • Added snap pads to protect asphalt and having a bigger surface of the levelers.
  • Replace the mirrors of the kitchen backsplash with “smart tiles” (Started 6/24/2016) See here
  • Adding a TPMS to monitor 10 tires (6 x Coach, 4 x tow or dinghy) We bought the EezTire TPMS
  • Replacing the Magnadyne RV radio, the CD player scratches all our CDs (Started 8/8/2016)
  • Replacing the Coleman Mach Thermostat with the Ecobee thermostat See here
  • Added a tablet to run the BlueFire app as a glass dashboard. (Odometer did reset itself to Zero miles so I needed an alternative)
  • Added Centramatic wheel balancers for a smoother ride with better tire balancing. (May 2020)




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