House Batteries

The usual configurations for House Batteries are two Six Volts, One Twelve Volt, Two Twelves or Four Sixes. Four Six Volt batteries will provide more power longer than two Twelves. With four Sixes, you wire pairs in series and then these in parallel. (See RV Electrical Power Section.) When you are not connected to...

Cut-Off Switch

 – Most RV’s have a switch somewhere that will cut off power to the ‘house’ portion of the RV. This is to prevent battery drain when you are not using the RV. If you will store it for an extended period, it is best to disconnect and remove the batteries for storage in a...


 – An electrical fixture on most RV’s. These take 120vac (house type current) from shore power, or your generator, to provide 12vdc for those appliances in the RV that need 12vdc, and to charge the batteries. In many RV’s the Inverter and Converter are two parts of one component. (See section on Electrical System)....

City Water

 – We use this as a generic term meaning we are using water from an outside source, such as a campground spigot, instead of water held in the internal fresh water tank....

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