Do I need a special hose for my RV water?

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This question was asked in a Facebook group recently and caught my eye.  And if you are curious why a safe drinking water hose is important, keep reading;

Researchers evaluated a total of 111 garden hoses and found they contained high levels of toxic chemicals, including those that have been banned in children’s products. For example, if you hook up your new garden hose and let it sit in the sun, within a few days you will likely find BPA (bisphenol A) and phthalates in the water. These toxins can have an impact on brain function, and development in children and have been associated with obesity in teens. Hot plastic or vinyl water hoses are also a great breeding ground for algae and bacteria.

Safe Garden Water Hose Alternatives

When shopping for a toxic-free garden hose, look for those made of FDA and NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) approved food-safe polyurethane. The best fittings are made of nylon, which are not as affected by the cold as brass fittings. Nylon fittings are also lead-free, which means they are drinking water safe. One FDA and NSF approved food-safe polyurethane garden hose is Water Right Inc., a family-owned business in Oregon. Here are three other safe options:

  1. Flexilla Garden Hose

  2. Camco Hose

  3. Aqua Joe Hose

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