A level RV is for happiness

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There are 3 main reasons why your RV should be level.

  1. The RV fridge (absorption fridge) needs to be within 3 degrees left to right and 6 degrees back to front to not overheat and diminish fire hazard.
  2. Using your slide-outs while not level can damage the slide-out mechanism because the RV body may be twisted on uneven ground.
  3. Sleeping in a not level RV can give you a headache when your feet are too high or you can easily roll out the bed. (Depends on orientation)

Other reasons might be

4. Tank fluid level reading. While most tank levels are not accurate unlevel adds to the false readings.
5. General structure protection. When the RV is unlevel it strains door openings cupboards and chassis.
6. Dumping the tanks with full hookup, they might not get drained fully.


With the help of the bubble level, determine which axis of your RV isn’t level
When arriving on the campground inspect your spot before you drive the RV on to it. (That’s also a good idea to discover hidden trunks or garbage) Evaluate how level it is and decide where you want to park. In Class A, B or C you should bring a little level and put that on the floor so you can look and see while driving onto the spot how level you are. When you do that a few times you will learn of how much one side has to go up or when there is a chance that you have to lift one or more tires off the ground (not advised!). Make sure you put the level always in the same spot. If it is too much off level you can relocate even before you go out and level.

*Put the level on the floor with the wide side down so you can see both bubbles front to back and left to right.

Know where your parking brake is and never lift those tires off the ground. In general, it is not advised to lift any tires off the ground. Tires help stabilize the sturdiness of the RV. When you have a Travel Trailer or fifth wheel with more than one axle also put some X-chock stabilizers between the tires to even more prevent moving.

How you level your RV depends on the options you have, from automatic levelers to scissor jacks or you might even use blocks to drive on. There are many enhancements to make. For example snap-pads for a Class A or C. These are kind of a rubber shoe that fits over the metal plate of the stabilizer jack.

Always have some wood or plastic pads in case the stabilizer cannot extend far enough to the ground. Stabilizers that retract by springs will go in very slow in cold temperature, keep that in mind when packing up.

A great video from RVgeeks shows how an electric stabilizing system in a Class A works.

Level a travel trailer

There are many tools to help you level and stay level.

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