RV sunscreen for your tires

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My Fathersday wish;

Tires are expensive to replace … and the sun is unmerciful to rubber! Ultraviolet rays are persistently burning away at your tire investment! Block the sun’s damaging UV rays, yet still allow your tires to “breathe” by allowing oxygen to flow around the rubber – with Sunguard Tire-Savers!

Unlike ordinary “slip-on” tire covers, Tire-Savers never touch your tires, so they don’t get dirty. With ordinary “slip-on” tire covers, in order to put them on, you have to bend down, (sometimes on hard gravel or wet grass), and wrap them over your tires. This in inconvenient, and you can get your sleeves dirty and even scrape your arms on the wheel wells. Ordinary “slip-on” tire covers are also difficult to store. They’re bulky, and you have to figure out some way to fold them up to stow them away.

We now have the “slip-on” tire covers and it is indeed a pain to put them on especially when you arrive on a campsite and want to set up quick to have supper or just coffee. I have to dump the air to lower the coach and then level. They are extremely hard to put on when there is barely room in the wheel well and then you have to lay on the ground to fasten the strap behind the tire.

I have read that people have found snakes behind those slip-on covers or behind the tires. Can you imagine putting my hand back at the tires, I shiver while I write this!

I know a lot of people have the opinion that it does not prevent tire aging but hey it looks nice too I’m on the side of believing that tires are aging because of the Ultraviolet rays.

This flat screen covers still ventilates the tires, looks nice and can be taken off in a snap. They can actually be fastened with snaps! This is how they look like;

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