Centramatic wheel balancers

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UPDATE: 6/12/2020
I have these balancers now installed between the dual tires in the rear and on the tires on the front. And the result….. It did not make any difference in handling and steering, it did not improve as I hoped. The steering wheel still shakes from left to right at a speed of 55 and higher, shakes not a lot but still annoying. It might because there is something wrong with the steering mechanism or front brakes, that is the next check I have to do.
Cost of the balancers $414 mounting cost $200

Ok so you have a big class A motorhome and drive around the US however the balancing of your tires is not that great, it makes you tired keeping the RV on the road. What do you do? Go to a tire shop and let them balance? Well, I did try that, I went to 8 different locations and nobody had equipment for my particular wheels and tires (Michelin XMEZ- 275/70R22.5) But one way to balance them is a bag of balancing-beads in the tire.  The disadvantage is that if you have to pump the tires the stem core might get plugged as the beads are shooting at you, they are very small and when the stem core jams the tire begins to leak air.

Another thing I have seen (when I bought new tires) that the beads get stuck between the tire rubber and the rim and so renders them unusable. It is, however, the cheapest solution but with a drawback.

While searching for tire/wheel balancers I came across Centramatic. This is a wheel balancer that works outside your tire and is made for trucks, busses, RVs, trailers, and motorcycles.

How does it work?
By using centrifugal force the free moving weights (durametal and synthetic fluid) sealed in the balancer automatically distributes to exactly where needed, placing the assembly in equilibrium or perfect balance. When a sprung assembly is out of balance, deflection is caused via the springs or tire sidewalls. These free moving weights sense this deflection and move opposite the heavy points to balance the entire assembly, wheels, tires, drums, hubs, even mud, snow or ice stuck to the wheels.

I know a lot of technical language so forget it and watch this video instead;

I ordered a set from Amazon but unfortunately, they did not fit so I had to send them back for a refund. They are not cheap, about $199 per axle (two those balancers). For the dual wheel axle you only need 1 set. In case you get new tires they can be reused, no need to balance new tires!

Still looking for the right model, my front rims are for 22.5 tires but the bolt circle is not a standard 10.5 inch. So the Centramatic flow chart did not work!

Pay attention to the bolt circle, measure first then order!

Advantages of the Centramatic wheel balancers;
  • One time purchase
  • 2.11% Fuel savings
  • Smooth ride, reduces vibration by 37%
  • 8%-10% lower tire temperature
  • 25%-50% longer tire life
  • No plugging up stem cores







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