Belts, Filters, Hoses, and Fluids

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Cummins ISL03 – 400HP 2005 Winnebago Vectra

BELTS Waterpump & Alternator Gates K0806 / Cummins 3289257
Air conditioner Compressor Gates 9476 / Dayco 17476
Hydraulic pump Gates K080465
FILTERS Air Filter Donaldson P14-8043 / Fleetguard AF1838M
Primary Fuel Filter Fleetguard FS1003
Secondary  Fuel Filter Fleetguard FF5488
Oil Filter Fleetguard LF9009
Transmission Filter Kit Allison 29526898
Hydro-Hot Racor R12T
HOSES Upper Radiator Hose Engine end P35535
Upper Radiator Hose Radiator end P37548 / Gates 23562
Lower Radiator Hose Radiator end P35980
Lower Radiator Hose Engine end P33614
Bypass hose Engine end P06415
Cooler hose In P37298 / Gates 21400
Cooler hose out P37267 / Gates 21400
FLUIDS Engine Oil 26 Quart / 6.5 Gallon
Transmission Transynd 20 Quart / 5 Gallon
Rear-axle API Gear oil GL-5,  85w140
Cooling System Extended life coolant 15 Gallon
Hydraulic system SAE Grade 15w40 motor oil 23 Quart/5.75 Gal.

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