Diesel fuel savings with a TSD debit card (FREE)

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Driving a diesel cost money, that is a no brainer! Another no brainer is saving money and get a discount at the gas station. That is the whole reason to sign up for a TSD debit card.

This is how it works;

  • You need to use the debit card from TSD  (also called an EFS card)
  • Pull into the truck line in the back of the store, NOT where the regular cars go!
  • Insert your EFS card into the fuel pump.
  • A prompt will show to ask for specific information that verifies the owner.  You enter the correct information and pump your diesel. (Last 4 digits of your Social)
  • Within 2-5 business days, the money is drafted from your bank account and you receive an email showing you the details of the transaction and our fees.  There is a $30 fee for insufficient funds and a $15 fee for incorrect bank information.
  • The fee for TSD is 10% of the savings per gallon and up to 15% for commercial.  So if the retail cost is $3.00 per gallon and TSD cost is $2.50 per gallon, your fee will be 5 cents per gallon.
  • If TSD cannot save you money, you pay no fee!
  • There are no long-term contracts to sign and no hidden fees.
  • If you choose to not use the program any longer, simply don’t use the card.

TSD makes it simple to sign up, use the online form mentioned below.
A few notes about the sign-up form;
1. Do not skip any field! (yes they need your social security number in case TSD needs to recover money from you.)
2. Shipping,  a YES means TSD will ship the card overnight but you also have to check YES on the Processing question.
3, Processing, a Yes means they will process your request and ship your card in 48 hours
4. A NO on Shipping and Processing means you will receive your card in 3 weeks at no cost.

PLEASE Use my email  [email protected] in the referred by field and I will receive a credit of $25 after your first 100 gallons. It will cost you nothing to refer me! THANKS


After you received your card download and install the EFS card control app on your phone so you can find diesel fuel with price and discount. (It will ask for a 4 digit pin number that is initially the last 4 numbers of your card)

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  1. blips
    May 20, 2020

    To check gas stations that are accepting the EFS card click here:


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