Essentials for RV Living!

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2 videos from full-time RVers with a discussion of things you need and want when you start out or buy later down the road.

Source YouTube channel Changing Lanes

Whether you’re going to RV full time (like us), part-time RV, or weekend RV, you will need a few things to be able to use your RV! For any given product or product category, there are likely to be many choices. These are the products we’ve used for 2.5 years on the road full time and feel good about recommending. It turns out the full list is way too big for this description area, so be sure to visit the accompanying blog post for all of the details!

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About the episode: In last week’s episode, we drive from AZ to TX to pick-up Platinum Ginger – 2017 Airstream Flying Cloud 30′ Bunkhouse. The RV essential gear and tools we took for the drive home created a good opportunity to create the RV Newbie Essential Gear Video Second Edition. After RVing 164,000 miles across the US, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand and Alaska, we have a pretty good idea on what is 100% essential and simply nice to have and this video breaks that down.

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