Converter problems diagnosed

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Difference between converter and inverter; 

A converter changes 120 volts into 12 volts. This will charge your house batteries and provides 12 volts power to your lights and system boards of your refrigerator, AC (Air conditioner) and furnace. A converter needs AC (Alternating current) from shore power or a generator to be able to work.

An inverter changes 12 volts (from your batteries) into 120 volts and can be used when there is no shore power or generator it can run any 120 volts appliance but is usually not enough to run an Air conditioner.

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Source: My RV Works, Inc.

Certified Mobile RV Technician, Darren Koepp, was called out to this customers RV to find out why the electrical components and appliances were not working. After a brief investigation, it was found that 120V AC power was working but 12V DC was not. This led to a problem with the converter. Follow along with Darren as he locates and gains access to the converter to do some testing, and then the eventual replacement of the converter.

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