ATS Automatic Transfer Switch 101

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An article by Mike Sokol who knows a LOT about the RV electrical system.

Mike explains what an ATS is, how it works and how to test it. This article explains all the things you need to know. Highly recommended.

ATS is an abbreviation for automatic transfer switch, and its job is to be a traffic cop between the pedestal shore power and your on-board generator power.

  • They come in two sizes: 30-amp and 50-amp RV power.
  • They can also include a built-in surge protector.
  • Some also have EMS under/over voltage protection.
  • There’s a 20- to 40-second delay after the generator starts up to wait for the power to stabilize before transferring over to it.
  • The default is to use shore power unless the generator is running.
  • More complex ATS systems can start your generator if shore power fails.

Read the complete article here:

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