TV – WiFi – INTERNET in your RV

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To freshen up on your knowledge of this ever-changing technology read the 101 here:

I started a few articles about how to deal with TV and internet, click on the link for more information;


WiFi is NOT the same as the Internet. If you have a hotspot (or use your phone as a hotspot) it will create a local WiFi network that all other devices can use to connect to like a TV, laptop, wireless printer or streaming media device. This does not mean you also have the internet connected. For internet, you need a cellular connection from the hotspot to a cellular tower. When there is no cellular connection you still have a working WiFi network and can print and stream from local sources.

You could also connect to the campground WiFi. The campground, in that case, they have a router and provide the internet connection thru that. However, most campground networks are overloaded because of users that are streaming or there is not enough bandwidth to provide everyone a workable connection.


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