RV Industry Death Spiral

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To expect that you can have this dream and then go back to work on Monday morning and then do it again next weekend without any maintenance is a lie. It’s fantasy. — Alan Warren, The RV Show USA

There are a lot of complaints about the bad shape of newly bought RVs and turn around time of repairs. People do not understand why that is. In 2016 Greg Gerber published a PDF on his website  RV Daily Report (This website is not there anymore) that explains in great detail why there is a big problem, now in 2020 it is still the same problem and does not look to be solved in the near future.

The Oleshes say that quality since the recession “has gone down the drain.” Quality, in this case, spans a range of concerns. Becky and Tom recall their 2018 motorhome missing a black tank flush, a relatively inexpensive part that helps in cleaning out the onboard tank that holds wastewater from the toilet. They bring up the walkthroughs of units they’ve done over the last several years at the Hershey RV show, which is routinely billed as America’s largest showcase of recreational vehicles.

“The one thing we find is there’s always broken doors or latches in the cabinets, and this is in brand-new units,” says Becky.

Gerber, who has been writing about RVing since 2000, packed up his life in 2014 and spent four years full-time in his own RV, interviewing fellow owners across the country to catalog what he calls the “RV industry death spiral.” It is an interesting read and explains a lot what is still going on in 2019 and probably in the future and years to come.

We are now in 2020 the RV industry did not change much, complaints on Facebook and forums are still the same. It is indeed a dead spiral. To have a good understanding of why a new RV is months at the dealer after it was sold to the owner and the tactics and struggles around warranty repair you should download the PDF as it is still valid today.

Here is a copy of that PDFthumbnail of RV-Industry-Death-Spiral-compilation

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