WiFi and Internet connectivity in your RV

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During our travels, we discovered that most of the campground’s WiFi is very unreliable or nonexistence. In our search to be independent of that, we decided to provide our own internet connections. While we both have cell phones, they are on a post-paid contract. Adding a hotspot and data plan to that contract was way more expensive than having separate pre-paid plans for our hotspots. Our internet connection is for leisure, day trips, and travel planning. We are both retired so we do not need it for work however we are both researchers and like to be connected!

To have internet in our coach we use two (Pre-paid) dedicated hotspots from two different providers, one from Verizon and one from AT&T, both are on a 4G/LTE unlimited grandfathered in data-plan.(Total cost for both is $88 a month as of 2019)

  • Unfortunately, those plans are not available anymore. for new customers. Keep an eye on the website I linked below (just above the video) for new data-plan deals. You can also shop around on eBay as 3rd party providers offer plans for lower prices than the 4 main cellular businesses.  Another option is to look into Facebook groups that discuss RVs and internet.  (Search for “rv internet group” on Facebook)

This is our equipment:

AT&T Nighthawk hotspot router
Verizon 8800L MiFi Jetpack
Netgear 6000450 MIMO Antenna with 2 TS-9 Connectors








Both hotspots will create a WiFi network around them so you can connect your phone, Laptop, and TV or streaming devices to it. We also connected our (wireless) WiFi printer to one of them. The antenna can be attached to the AT&T hotspot or the Verizon hotspot.

A Hotspot does two different things:
1. It connects to the internet using a cellular connection
2. It creates a WiFi network where you can connect devices to and use the internet connection.

To understand how this all works watch the below video, it will help you understand the basics of all this. These guys have a ton of information to read even without a membership.

For more information go to:

  (More links below the video)


For further information:

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About the MiMo antenna:

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