Watch TV with the Over The Air Antenna

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Using your crank up antenna for OTA (Over The Air) channels;

There is a misunderstanding that you need a digital TV antenna.  There is no such thing as an analog or digital TV antenna so your classic crank up TV antenna from 2001 as shown here will work. Also, all the hype about HDTV antenna or 4K antenna is all sales talk, an antenna needs to receive a high-frequency signal and it does not care what kind of signal it is. The TV translates it to a picture and is responsible for the resolution.

This advertisement has nothing to do with the antenna:  HDTV Antenna Support All Television, for Free Local Channels 4K HD 1080P”

This is the equipment we use for our OTA (Over the Air) TV

Winegard Sensar antenna also called “Batwing”
This is a typical RV antenna. You crank it up and turn it to a TV tower to receive a TV signal. Some call this a batwing antenna.

Winegard wingman
This part fits on the above antenna and is used to enhance the signal. Installation takes just a few minutes, no cables involved!

Winegard SensarPro
The Sensar pro is a booster, switch, and pointing device for your RV antenna. See video below.

The Winegard Sensar antenna that came with our 2005 RV,  is a crank-up antenna that you can turn when fully up. Some of them have a signal booster. We did not have a booster but added the Sensar pro that can boost the signal. To enhance the antenna reach we added a Winegard wingman. (See videos below)

To know where to point your antenna download an app like Digital TV Antennas in the google app store, not really needed when you have the sensar pro or go to and put in your zip code.



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