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Satellite TV

We use DISH as our satellite TV provider and the following equipment;


Satellite antenna This is the Winegard Pathway X2 for Dish.
Wally receiver for Dish
Coax cable between receiver and antenna
HDMI cable between TV and receiver There are other cable options but this works the best.
You also need a subscription with Dish and a program package.









We chose the Pathway antenna because of its bigger surface, its a mobile antenna, this means you can place it to the open southern sky, away from trees. It can also receive via satellites in the Western and Eastern arc and has a dual connection to hook up two receivers and TVs.
To record TV (Only Dish programs) you can add a portable hard-disk to the Wally receiver (There is a one time fee to activate) You are not able to record OTA (Over The Air) TV with it.

In case you have a hookup and subscription at home, just take your Wally receiver in your RV and use that. However, you are not able to suspend your subscription, that is only available for Dish Outdoor subscribers. To be able to receive local channels with your Dish subscription you have to contact Dish to change your service address. Keep in mind that you will only receive the local channels that are available in the area you are in, not your “home” local channels. This can screw up your recording schedule at home because that also changes local channels, We never changed the service address as we use our crank up antenna for that.

Be aware not to use splitters or booster between your receiver and a portable antenna. The receiver uses 12 volts to power the antenna, a splitter can lower the voltage and result in a non-working antenna. A straight cable is the way to go. (You can use a splitter for a dedicated roof mount antenna)

Here are some of the options for an antenna (The Pathway X2 is the largest satellite antenna and cannot be mounted on the roof!):



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