Replaced the Winnebago Noisy transfer switch

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Because of some burned wired and the fact that the original transfer switch made noise I replaced this automatic transfer switch with an ESCO Automatic Transfer Switch LPT50BRD

  • 50 Amp 120/240 Volt relay-based with terminal strip
  • 50 Amp per pole
  • 70 Amp neutral
  • 12.0 KW, 110VDC
  • 22-second nominal time delay to allow the generator to get up to speed Time delay can be disabled for instant switching
  • Has terminal strip for easy wiring Shore power pass-through design
  • Size 8,5″ x 8,5″ x 4,5″

The layout of the switch was different than the Winnebago original. To not switch cables around I could remove the power blocs around and now the layout was exactly the same.

This is the original switch and as you can see on the right side of the switch, the middle neutral (white) wire is chared, it was probably loose and got hot over and over again. The black wire below that was also chared.

This is the new ESCO Automatic Transfer Switch LPT50BRD using the same cables (newly stripped) and in the same order. The connections are numbered but the block with numbers 7,8 and 9 is moved to the top, the rest has been moved down. Now the cable order is the same as Winnebago so I did not have to cross or reroute the cables. Because the (green) grounding wires were too short I added some grounding brackets.

All done and the cover is on.

The transfer switch works the same as the Winnebago, but it does not have hard klunking switching sound

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