Insurance can be a very boring topic. Until you have a claim!

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A retired and traveling couple (Mick and Chick), have 45 years experience in the insurance business and explain all you need to know;

Insurance can be a very boring topic.

That is.. until you have a claim, and then it is too late. With this in mind we have promised to blog our thoughts from 45 years of experience owning an insurance agency. How to shop/buy the correct insurance for your RV. Hopefully you will not have to read the entire blog and you can skip down to the part that interest you and just read or reread that section. We will post about insurance in two separate blogs because one would be too long a blog.

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R.O.W. (Retire Our Way) With Mick and Chick…

A little history about Mick and Chick. We were raised in Harry and Bess Truman’s home town. Married at ages 21/18 in 1965. Blessed with two daughters who gave us two son-in-laws and four grandsons and two granddaughters! Mick started in the insurance industry shortly after marriage in Kansas City, MO. After the two daughters started in Elementary School, Chick became the office manager. Later we moved to Omaha, NE. Then the last 27 years have lived in Arizona. We have been blessed to have 50 years of marriage and 45 years owning a multi-line insurance agency in three States.

We promise not to Blog about boring insurance, but we feel our 45 years experience could be helpful in how to insure an RV. People ask what is the best insurance company to insure your RV and make statements like… We pay $XXX dollars what do you pay? So, we will devote one or two blogs to the subject of, “Insuring an RV the right way”. We will offer a section for you to post questions for us to answer.

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