BlueFire to monitor your diesel and chassis

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According to a discussion on IRV2 this BlueFire software and hardware does everything VMSpc does for a cheaper price. Some advantages are that you can run the software on various operating systems and hardware devices.
A bunch of people on IRV2 indicated that they will drop VMSpc for this option but I did not keep track of how many actually did that. I like the fact that the software supports Apple, Android, and Windows. The application is free. You only have to buy a Bluetooth adapter. When you download the application it will run without the adapter in demo mode. As far as I can tell the screens are more “modern” than the VMSpc.

Example screens:

Night screen

Some facts;

Plugs into the 6 or 9 pins round diagnostic port (Supports J1939 and J1708)
There are 5 different adapters to choose from. (And a few upgrade options)
Bluetooth only! (One less cable to be worried about.)
Cost between $150 and $190 (Use code amazon for 10% off at checkout for as long as that lasts)

Operating system:
Android  (Depending on the adapter it needs certain android versions)
Windows 10
iOS (Not all versions are compatible)


  • Custom Dash – Allows you to create a custom dashboard and display a variety of gauges and text data.
  • Trip Recording – Allows you to record trip information and compare it to previous trips.
  • Fuel Economy – Shows information to help you get more value from your driving.
  • Data Logging – Allows you to log selected data at a set interval to a .csv formatted file.
  • Vehicle Repair – Shows a multitude of information that can help determine the cause of a problem and then help you repair your vehicle.
  • Fault Diagnostics – Shows any and all faults (active and inactive) along with information to help repair them. Allows you to reset the faults after you have repaired.

BlueFire has its own forum. The developer, Mark Frederickson, is very responsive on this forum as well as on the IRV2 thread (see below)

TRY before you buy:
You can download the software to your device without buying the adapter and it will run in demo mode to try it out!

All text and round gauges are scalable, movable and the colors can be adjusted.

Let me know what you think, I bought the adapter and will have a better opinion after I start using it. (Can take a while, winter is still here) What I like is the price, responsiveness of the developer, and the look of the screens. I know there is always something that’s not working or not to your liking but so far it gets a thumbs up from me.

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