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The ShorePower Monitor – Emergency Automatic Generator Start System

Automatic Generator Start SystemThe ShorePower Monitor (formerly known as ShorePower Guard) is a compact computer-controlled EMERGENCY Automatic Generator Start for Motor Homes, 5th Wheels, and Livestock Trailers.

The ShorePower Monitor will monitor your shore power and will auto-start your generator when a power outage occurs due to unforeseen circumstances such as:

  • Vandals tripping breakers to off position
  • Weather related (tornadoes, ice storms,  gusty wind, power surges)
  • Local power companies taking power down for maintenance

When shore power is restored the ShorePower Monitor will disable and shut down the generator and will return to monitoring your shore power.

To the right is our ShorePower Monitor – Automatic Generator Start System installed on a demo board showing the simple connections needed to install in your motorhome or RV.

Automatic Generator Start System – The ShorePower Monitor

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