Water detector that send alerts using email.

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Be alerted of leaks while at home or away with the help of the Leak Alert™ WiFi smart water detector.

$40 (Feb 2018) on Amazon.com (Search for “Leak Alert”)

This self-contained battery-powered unit can help prevent serious water damage in your home by sending email alerts when it comes in direct water contact. It also sounds a loud alarm and flashes red LED lights, alerting you to a potential water leak.

To get a text message instead of an email you can use an email address from your phone provider. For example, if your phone number is 123-123-1234 and you have Verizon as your provider put in [email protected] For other providers search the internet for “What is my Verizon text email address?” (Replace Verizon with the name of your provider.)

The Leak Alert™ WiFi smart water detector features:
* WiFi connectivity – No hub required
* Loud alarm (105 dB) sounds for up to 8 hours
* Email, visual, and audio alerts
* In the event of a flood, unit will float and continue to sound alarm until battery is depleted
* Fully automatic operation — no wiring required
* Low battery indicator for optimum safety and performance

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