PROJECT: Replacing the Coleman Mach Thermostat with a Ecobee Smart Si

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From this:

To this:

The Smart Si Thermostat from EcoBee is a Zigbee compatible, Wi-Fi enabled, energy saving solution that gives users total control over their home’s heating and air conditioning from anywhere with an Internet connection. The screen of the Smart Si has a high resolution, easy to read color display to show the indoor temperature as well as the live outdoor weather and forecasting. With the Smart Si Thermostat, users will receive access to a free, secure web portal, allowing full thermostat control from any location with an Internet connection.
The convenience doesn’t end there – the EcoBee Smart Si Thermostat also has a free downloadable mobile app for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android devices. The ease of access to this thermostat allows for total control from anywhere in the world, which can lead to increased energy savings and lower electric bills. Users can easily set energy saving programs that cater to their schedule and can be adjusted on the fly, whether you stuck at the office late, sitting in traffic or on vacation. Programmable periods can be set for when you’re awake, sleeping, home or away and even custom periods for vacations, weekends and more. Seven-day programming gives the option of individual settings for each day of the week or users can take advantage of 365-day scheduling. Because this thermostat is smart, it also has the ability to communicate through email alerts when something isn’t quite right with the system or if maintenance is needed. The Smart Si Thermostat can support up to 2 heat and 2 cool stages on a conventional system or up to 3 heat and 2 cool stages on a heat pump system.

  • Vivid color screen with easy-to-use interface
  • Wi-Fi enabled so you can adjust your thermostat from a tablet, computer or Smartphone
  • Free web portal offers customizable alerts, service reminders, and thermostat scheduling
  • Works with heat/cool and heat pump systems
  • Free apps for iOS and Android allow you to control the thermostat from your Smartphone
  • No annual/monthly fees
  • Live Weather

Instructions how to do this conversion are on Jane and John’s RV pages. John did a great job explaining all settings and the wiring layout.

Read EVERY page before you start!

I have seen this Ecobee thermostat on eBay starting at $99 used, on Amazon it was new for $225 the last time I looked. (July 2019) Just FYI I bought a used one and have it installed since 2017, still working great!

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