PROJECT: Replacing the front TV with a Digital Flat screen

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Finally got to work to replace the old Sony heavy sucker. here is the before picture;

I did the removal as described by John Canfield in his blog here. I also used his write up to do a likewise install of the new TV.

This is how it looks like after removal:

As you can see it is just a thin bottom shelf with holes and the cables are in the back. To give it some structure for the new TV I needed to replace the bottom and the top board with some sturdy material. The sides are not finished and needed some cover-up after I re-routed the cable mess.

Here is the proof of concept with the new top and bottom board and rerouting of some of the cables. I use a lockable TV bracket for RVs that sgkane (A user of the RVFORUM) has, the MORryde TV1-025H. In this picture, it was mounted on some scrap wood for measurements.

Next, I constructed a vertical bar from 90 degree angle aluminum and tested the construction.

After staining the wood and painting the vertical aluminum bar it started to look better.

After adding a sound bar it started to look great. I know there is some room below the TV and above the sound bar but that is ok with us. Also on both sides is a little gap. I might finish that at a later time if we start to dislike that.

When you look at the picture above here you will see some black dots. This is felt to dampen the the up dan down movement while driving. The TV bracket keeps the TV really good in pace and the space left and right prevents noise because there is no touching the wood.

The next picture shows how it looks like when the TV is pushed in and locked.

Now we can watch TV from the couch and move it any way we want.

I added a SensarPro on the right outside the wall of the TV cabinet to point the OTA (OverThe Air) antenna. To do so I removed the phone connector, Widened the hole, and moved the power outlet to the phone hole. Next, I mounted the SensarPro in the outlet hole and I can see it when pointing the antenna.

The TV is a VIZIO 32″ Measurements; 17″ High, 28.5″  width There is a 1-inch gap around it but that makes it easier to maneuver in place. Below the TV is a 29″ wide and 3-inch high VIZIO soundbar mounted with Industrial Velcro.  Between the TV is a 4.5″ gap but barely visible because it’s on the lower half and its dark behind the TV. That gap is also needed to pull out the TV so it can swing in position.



Options to watch TV:
Satellite: Switch TV to HDMI-1
Over the Air: Switch TV to Antenna
Cable TV: Switch SensarPro from Antenna to Cable
DVD/Blue-Ray: Switch TV to HDMI-2 (Replaced the Sony Video/DVD player)
Watch on TV 2…. Nope will be removed.




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