Fill your wet batteries in 45 seconds

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If you are an RV’er you know how most of the chassis maintenance items are at locations almost impossible to reach. This was the problem I had maintaining the fluid level in my chassis battery as well as the house batteries. I saw this unit and thought I would give it a try, well it works exactly as the company advertises. You can hookup one or a number of batteries to the system. You will need the pump kit to pump distilled water from the jug to the batteries, this is a separate purchase. There was more than enough tubing to route the batteries and the pump from the jug to the batteries. No special tools are needed for installation, instruction is quite simple and once the unit is in place no more trying to open fill caps in impossible locations. Maintenance is everything with a motorhome and anything that makes that task easy is for me.


Qwik-Fill (Also available via Amazon)

Qwik-Fill On-board Battery Watering System works with group size 24 through 27 and most 29 through 31, 12-volt marine deep cycle batteries.

One of the primary causes of short battery life is a failure to maintain proper water level. Whether your batteries are in plain sight or hard to reach, adding water to the proper level couldn’t be easier with the Qwik-Fill On-board Battery Watering System from Flow-Rite.

After a simple, one time installation that takes only a few minutes, you can fill all your batteries simultaneously from a single remote fill point without ever having to remove a single battery cap. You no longer have to touch or even see your batteries. The level in each cell is controlled independently, adding water only to cells that are low. It will not overfill and its precise accuracy would be almost impossible to match with conventional filling methods. Finally, the¬†battery accessory we’ve all been waiting for has arrived.

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