Webcast: RV winter storage preparation

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A webcast from RV Care, a Canadian dealer network. This is about what to look for, not how to do it.

Aired September 10 2016

Saturday morning September 10th 2016 close to 280 people signed on to learn about “Getting Your RV Ready for Winter Storage” with webcast host Derek Paterson and industry expert Art Dack, both from the RV Care Network.

The 80-minute presentation addressed exterior and interior preparations as well as the added value of protecting RVs from Canada’s harsh winter climate with Adco RV covers.

Throughout the webcast the chat box was busy with participants asking questions and sharing their own experience. Some prizes were given away and over 150 people registered for a coupon to save $ 100 on the purchase of an Adco RV Cover, sponsored by RV Care.

“It’s great how technology allows us to reach out and interact directly with RV owners, live, wherever they are. Some people even mentioned in the chat box they were at the campground for the weekend, enjoying the RV lifestyle,” commented Paterson after the webcast. “Our goals were to provide them with helpful information to protect their investment while boosting sales in the RV Care stores leading into the fall and winterizing season.”

“This was our first attempt at hosting a live webcast,” stated Earl Manning, vice president and general manager of RV Care Network. “Dealerships are already reporting a jump in visits and calls since the webcast from people looking for Adco covers and other supplies. We’re very pleased with these early results and are already talking about what’s next. We have great partner suppliers that we can work with to bring more helpful information to RV owners, while reinforcing the value of buying from one of the RV Care dealerships across Canada.”

A replay of the RV Care Live Webcast, along with information about the national network’s Fall Retail Event, is available through the RV Care website at https://www.rvcare.ca/

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