Avoiding family conflict in (mobile) closed quarters

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You all know you love each other. 

Whether it’s just you and your partner on your first trip or your 35th vacay with your squad of seven, it’s no secret that vacations and road trips are a much-needed way to escape, relax, and recharge. Yet, the obvious can’t be avoided – you are a group of human beings, just as capable of banter and arguments as you are of love and laughter. But such is completely normal, and should never be something to discourage you from enjoying your next big adventure to the fullest. Thriving in close quarters for extensive periods of time can feel incredibly frustrating and crowded at times, but with a dash of patience and these helpful tips, you can be sure your trip will be an experience full of nothing but memories of family bonding – not of tension or irritability!

Read 7 valuable tips here:

Link: http://blog.rvtrader.com/2016/08/avoiding-family-conflict-in-mobile.html

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