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The smell of rotten eggs can also be your propane so make sure you smell the water before you decide where the smell comes from.
A “rotten egg odor” (hydrogen sulfide) may be produced when the electro
galvanic action of the cladding material releases hydrogen from the water.
If sulfur is present in the water supply the two will combine and produce an
unpleasant smell.    (Atwood information)
ATWOOD WATER HEATER (Or any other brand)
1. Turn off your main water supply. Drain your water heater tank. Reinstall drain plug. Remove the pressure-temperature relief valve. With a funnel use 4 parts white vinegar to two parts water. (In a 6-gallon tank that would be 4  gallons vinegar to 2 gallons water).
NOTE: For the Dometic water heaters; Now is the time to also check or replace your Anode rod

2. Cycle the water heater, letting it run under normal operation 4-5 times. At no time do you remove the vinegar from the tank Once this has been completed, remove the drain plug and drain the water heater.

3. After thoroughly draining the tank, to remove the sediment, flush the water heater.
Continue this flushing process for approximately five minutes allowing ample time for the fresh water to agitate the stagnant water on the bottom of the tank and forcing the deposits through the drain opening.

4. Upon completion of the steps above, replace the drain plug and the pressure-temperature relief valve.

5. Refill tank with fresh water that contains no sulfur.

Download the Atwood water heater tri-fold with comprehensive information here
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The Atwood water heater is designed for use in a Recreation Vehicle. If you use your vehicle frequently or for long periods of time, flushing the water heater several times a year will prolong the life of the storage tank.
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