PROJECT: Add a surge protector to the power line

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To protect your RV from power surges, High or low voltages and ground vaults its is advisable to add a surge protector. I was lucky to find one on sale for $192 on Amazon. I bought the TRC 34560 Surge Guard 50-Amp Hardwire

I found a description of how it was installed on a Winnebago Horizon, see here:

Here are my pictures;


I installed it under the cable box, next to the cable master where the cable is that is getting connected to the pedestal or “shore power”

I made a picture of the transfer switch (After removing the lid) to make sure I reconnected the new cable in the same way.


This shows the original cable with R (red) G (Green) W (White)  and B (Black) The new cable was hooked up the same way.

The original cable is removed from the transfer switch and mounted on top of the surge guard, next a new five foot 6/4 cable was connected on the bottom of the surge guard and then in the transfer switch where the original cable was.

It was an easy connection and worked the first time. You have to read the manual to make sure you know how to hook it up. Attaching the surge guard to the side was the best but not the most easy place. I had to get the Top of the cable-master off to attach a screw.

I’m glad I did that so I could clean the inside of the cable master where a lot of nesting stuff was found. Must be a warm place for mice to hide.




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