PROJECT: Replace kitchen back-splash mirrors with “Smart Tiles”

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Start 6/24/2016

Our kitchen looks really outdated with the mirrors on the back-splash. Time to remove those mirrors and replace it with smart-tiles.

This is how the kitchen looks like before the upgrade;


The mirrors are glued to the wall and also have double sided tape. Don’t worry about the tape they will stay on the mirrors and will not leave anything behind on the wall. To get the mirrors of I put some prey-bars behind the mirrors. These are little hard plastic bars. Removing those mirrors cost some effort. I was able to remove them without anything breaking.


After all the mirrors were gone we needed to clean up the glue from the wall. Those are the round pars you see left of the mirror.


The tape was easy to remove when you use a heat-gun or hair dryer. Next I used a sanding machine to remove any  edges.


Smart-tiles are vinyl tiles that have a sticky back site and are easy to work with. Take enough time and measure twice. Here is a video that explains how to install these tiles:


This is how it looks finished below the Microwave.

Next the sink area

done_next to sink

Behind the faucet was a problem. Because of a shower mishap they cut away the backboard and after the repair they just put back the mirrors without any wall repair.

SO this part needs to be fixed. Also there was only 1 tile left so I have to order a few more.



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