PROJECT: Buying a GPS made for RVs

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After a little research it was obvious that we needed a GPS that was geared towards RVs so it will warn you for low tunnels and bridges, prohibited roads that restrict weight, campground and service points of interest and things like that.

We found the GPS that was looking the best for us, a Garmin RV 760LMT. We are both familiar with Garmin as we use a smaller one in our cars.

This GPS was a bit over $300 and was bought on Amazon. We used it already on a trip to Forest City Iowa (Winnbago factory) and were pleased with the new bigger screen and functions. One thing I like a lot is that you can search for an address on your phone and send that to the GPS. On the GPS you have to accept it as a new destination and you are all set.

It also warns you for bad weather like flash floods we have seen once.

Glad we bought it.


But every GPS has errors, look on a map before you take of to make sure you know where you are going. You may see this sign once in a while, it happens!

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