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So many people have trouble with batteries and solar. Handy Bob has the answers:

I am trying to build a house here and I need to cut back on the time I spend trying to help people via the internet.  Many people make the same mistakes over and over, even though I have tried and tried to emphasize the important points to prevent this.  So please read this first.  Read my home page next and pay attention to the links.  You may not want to read all of my pages, but please at least leaf through them and look at the pictures so you won’t be asking me about things that I have already shown.  The best place I have found good information for everything solar is the Learning Center on the Backwoods Solar web site and the first part of their catalog.  The NAWS outfit that I complain about also has good info on their web site if you can find it and are able to realize that the MPPT claims are inflated, even though they have gotten better.  However, be very cautious in believing any advice you get from every solar dealer on the planet.  There is too much of a profit motive involved in their selling the latest MPPT charge controller for them to really tell you the truth.  I don’t care which dealer it is.  Avoid forums unless you have the ability to see through those who think they know everything when they don’t.  There ARE some dangerous folks out there.  It never changes.

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