Tires Size and Age, all the numbers.

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All kind of codes and numbers you can find on your tires. This is very helpful when you look to replace your current tires. Please be aware that different manufacturers may add or omit some codes. The US DOT codes are mandatory and will show on each tire.


  • P: Passenger Car
  • LT: Light Truck
  • ST: Special Trailer
  • T: Temporary (restricted usage for “space-saver” spare wheels)




What Does it Mean?

205 This is the Section Width. It is the width of the tire from sidewall to sidewall, in millimeters. This tire is 205 millimeters wide.
60 This is the Aspect Ratio, and is the ratio of the sidewall height to the Section Width. The sidewall height of this tire is 60% of the Section Width, or 123 mm.
R The “R” indicates that this tire is a radial.
16 This is the Wheel Diameter that the tire fits, in inches. This tire will only fit a 16″ wheel.
92 This is the nomenclature used to indicate the Load Carrying Capacity of the the tire.
H This is an alphanumeric indicator used to designate the maximum speed at which a properly installed and inflated tire may be driven. An H rated tire can be driven at speeds up to 130 mph. (See speed rating table below)


Speed rating
Code mph km/h Code mph km/h
A1 3 5 L 75 120
A2 6 10 M 81 130
A3 9 15 N 87 140
A4 12 20 P 94 150
A5 16 25 Q 100 160
A6 19 30 R 106 170
A7 22 35 S 112 180
A8 25 40 T 118 190
B 31 50 U 124 200
C 37 60 H 130 210
D 40 65 V 149 240
E 43 70 Z over 149 over 240
F 50 80 W 168 270
G 56 90 (W) over 168 over 270
J 62 100 Y 186 300
K 68 110 (Y) over 186 over 300


tire sidewall_DOT code

Look for the word DOT then after some coding there will be a 3 or 4 digit number, the first two are the week number of production while the last two numbers are the year of production. In this case the tire production was week 29 in the year 2010.



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