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the RV Big Rig Travel Site

Dedicated to supporting travel for the 40+ footer! seems to be broken or abandoned

big rig travel mapThis site is dedicated to helping Motorhome and RVers with Rigs over 40 feet access with information to support their travel. Is this relevant to you if your RV is less than 40 feet? Sure! All info is relevant as well, it’s just when you are big some campsites do not work for the Big Rig’s. Most people come here for the Map, So please enjoy, it is updated constantly with all of the great things to see, do and where to stay across the U.S.


My Wife and I and our 2 dogs and cat travel in our 42 American Eagle Motorhome.

As part of that travel process, we are always trying to figure out

  • What parks can we stay in? (are we to big)
  • Is that really a nice RV Park?
  • What are the cool things to do in the area?
  • What Festivals are going on close?

To help solve that problem about 6 months ago, we started asking other fellow travelers and searching information across the web to try to answer these questions in a way that could easily be reused. Being in the Information Technology Field we took a little bit of a different path.

By creating a single map with layers as we travel we can quickly pull up all the information we need. This information is constantly being updated as we learn more from fellow travelers and you (Feel free to give us great ideas).

The Information in these maps includes the following

  • RV Park Information – Over 200+ Parks/Campgrounds that have been validated, suggested by other travelers with Rigs over 40 feet. Most of them include links to travelers blogs and their detailed reviews
  • RV Services, Rallies and Show – 25+ Service Shops trusted and used by our friends, American Coach Rallies, 47+ RV shows from across america
  • Attractions, Festivals, Factory Tours – 68+ Must not miss Attractions, 52+ Festivals (With dates), 350+ Factory Tours available across the US.
  • Restaurants – 500+ Restaurants that have been on Diners, Drive ins and Dives and 180+ restaurants that friends have told us about or we have seen on the food channel that look cool.

To learn more about the detail put into this and the level of quality check out this Blog Post

Do you have some ideas of things we should add? Please let us know here… Have a question for us – Contact us here

This is an evolving website that we will be working on and growing.

Hope you enjoy the information and enjoy your Travels!



  1. keith Landers
    January 7, 2016

    Thanks for passing the info on the site. Looking forward to following y’all as well!!

    Keith Landers

    1. blips
      January 7, 2016

      Thanks for your comment Keith

      I love the concept of your site with the map. We will join the RV traveling in September 2016, hope to meet you some day 🙂



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