Fire alarm for your RV basement

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First Alert Atom Micro Photoelectric Smoke and Fire Alarm

In addition to the fire alarms in the coach upper compartments, you can protect your basement too. Electrical stuff can overheat and start a fire also your battery compartment. Don’t wait until the smoke gets up in your bedroom, living room or other places. These battery operated mini alarms can be put anywhere and will wake you up with a Loud and Powerful 85db siren.


  • Nuisance free photoelectric technology reduces false alarms that result from cooking and shower steam
  • Advanced smoke entry system and micro technology – a fraction of the size of a standard smoke alarm
  • Loud and Powerful 85db siren – the same power as a standard alarm
  • Includes long life and 3V CR2 lithium batteries
  • Perfect for any RV, home or business

2 pack $42 on Amazon

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