Slide Emergency Retract Procedure

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Video Published on Apr 9, 2014

Tim shows you how the slides work on your RV, and describes ways you can bring your slide in manually in case of emergency.

EXAMPLE For the Winnebago Vectra 40FD:

Emergency Retraction Procedure – Left Front Slideout Room*
(If slideout room will not retract using control switch)

If a failure occurs in the slideout electrical or hydraulic systems, and the room will not retract using the control switch, you can manually crank the room in as described below.

Step 1 – Relieve Hydraulic Line Pressure

• Open the hydraulic pump slideout solenoid valves to release hydraulic line pressure and let fluid bypass into the fluid reservoir.

slideout pump beneath entry stepThe hydraulic pump is located beneath the entrance steps. To access the pump, remove the nut from the underside of the  top step ‘lip’ and lift the step upward and remove.

NOTE: The hydraulic pump is equipped with two types of hydraulic solenoid valves shown. The leveling jack solenoids have a T-handle on the valve shaft that can be turned by hand. The slideout room solenoid has a small 1/4” nut at the end of the valve shaft that requires you to use a 1/4” nut driver built into the shaft of the oil reservoir breather/fill cap. See photo at the end of this section. See the Slideout System Operator’s manual included in your Owner InfoCase for specific instructions on which valves to open for front or rear slideout rooms and what additional precautions to follow.

Open the slideout solenoid valves (with 1/4” nuts on the ends) on the pump to relieve hydraulic line pressure. DO NOT  LOOSEN NUTS MORE THAN 3 FULL TURNS.

slideout solenoid valve

Use provided 1/4” nut driver to turn nut counterclockwise 3 turns only.solenoid valve

Do not open any of the four large T-handled valves on the opposite end of the pump. These regulate the coach leveling  jacks.

Step 2 – Crank Room Inward

A ratcheting wrench (in your Owner Info-Case) is used to crank the room inward.
Retract bolts are located on the outboard mounting plates of the slideout room as shown. These plates are located at both ends of the room inside the  StoreMoreTM compartment doors.

slideout bolts

Loosen the stop bolt and back it out far enough to allow the retract bolt to turn before trying to turn the bolts.
After loosening the stop bolts, fit the wrench onto the bolt head and begin cranking clockwise slowly a few turns, then alternate to the other side for a few turns. With an assistant using an additional wrench, crank both sides evenly together to speed this process.

Crank the wrench clockwise slowly, until the room is fully retracted. Allow about 10 minutes to crank room in fully.
NOTE: Attempting to crank the room in too quickly will raise pressure in the hydraulic fluid lines and make cranking more difficult.

Step 3 – Secure Travel Straps and Close

Hydraulic Line Valves
Fasten the slideout room Travel Straps.
Close the hydraulic pump solenoid valves completely.
NOTE: Close the valves snugly, but do not overtighten. Overtightening may cause internal damage to the valves.
See your dealer for service of the room extension system before using again.

Emergency Push-In Procedure – Bedroom Slideout
(Also Right Front Slideout Room on Model 40AD or 40KD)
Open the “slideout” hydraulic solenoid valves on the pump to relieve hydraulic line pressure. (See Step 1 under “Slide-Out Room Emergency Crank-In” on previous page.)

Apply a steady inward pressure of approximately 150 lbs. to the exterior sidewall of the slideout room to push the room in toward the coach until it is snug against the main coach sidewall.
• NOTE: Use some type of rigid, padded material to protect the sidewall from punctures, dents or other damage to the  finish from any device or equipment used to press the sidewall in.
• Pressure must be applied evenly to avoid binding of the hydraulic mechanism. It may take about 10 minutes to press the  room extension inward completely.
• When the room is snug against the coach wall, close the solenoid valves to prevent “creep out” during transit.

See your Authorized Winnebago Industries Dealer for service of the slideout system before using again.

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