Track where your RV or car is on your phone

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iTrackerHandy for when you are lost or when someone takes your RV or car for a unauthorized spin:

It might even lower your insurance payment.

Worried about losing your car to the thieves? Want to keep a track of where your teenager takes the car all day? Secure your vehicle with a GPS car tracker and get informed about every movement and know the exact location in real time. With a GPS car tracker, you can ensure the safety of a loved one or the security of a valuable asset quite effortlessly. ElectroFlip has a range of GPS tracking devices which have been designed to work in tandem with any smartphone or computer and allow you to give real time information about the movement or location of a vehicle, person or asset.

Our GPS car tracker is highly affordable and can easily be hidden in a vehicle or backpack and get real-time GPS updates about the speed at which the tracker is travelling and where it is exactly. Our tracker- iTrack GPS GSM Real-Time Tracker has a long battery and can last for 6 days without being recharged. What are you waiting for? Secure your vehicle, family and assets by buying your own tracker today!

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