ARP refrigerator protection (Dometic and Norcold)

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ARP is now called Fridge-Defend

ARPrv is a improved RV refrigerator control, extending fridge life; safety by improved RV fire prevention; helps prevent food spoilage. Please see Dometic install and Norcold install for your fridge.


We have all heard about the series of recalls for Dometic and Norcold RV refrigerators. These recalls attempt  to address premature refrigerator failure and fire danger.  As a frustrated consumer, the inventor of the patented ARPrv Control found what made these once reliable fridges vulnerable to damage, both long term and immediate & catastrophic. The source of many of these issues is a lack of active temperature management of the cooling unit which allows it to overheat on a regular basis, causing slow but cumulative damage that can result in premature failure.


ARP addresses both these problems with a more sophisticated management technique that controls the cooling unit better, plus it has the major advantage that it will automatically re-start the fridge cooling unit after a high temperature cut-off. This avoids the loss of the food kept in the fridge.


The ARP Control has been designed to be simple on the outside making it easy for Dometic install and Norcold install.

The drawing to the shows how easy it is to install, just provide power, run one wire to your fridge control, and install the temperature sensor.



The Dometic and Norcold recalls and controls do a great job for what they are designed to do. These factory controls keep the inside of your fridge cold, but do not keep the refrigerator heating system from overheating the cooling unit. Because the ARPrv control is designed by a controls system engineer, the inside of the ARP has a smart control scheme. Smart means that you enjoy your adventure and ARP keeps your fridge running safe. This smart method senses overheating situations and automatically turns off the heaters, then restarts the fridge when it is safe, usually before the inside of your fridge can warm at all.


The basic operation of the RV refrigerator is to provide continuous, uninterrupted circulation of its chemicals in either a liquid or gaseous state. When one of these refrigerators is tilted or off level, the plumbing design simply won’t let the liquid or gases circulate properly. It would be the same as pinching an artery or a vein in the human body. It must circulate freely to keep you alive. The actual plumbing design is very efficient and works wonderfully. The problem arises when it is tilted too much or the cooling air is restricted (Please see how our new fan control solves this issue).

There are no pumps or moving parts to assist the moving of these chemicals or gases ( See How Dometic & Norcold Works ) . The control module within your factory installed RV refrigerator doesn’t monitor the flow of these liquids or gases – or the possibility that all fluids are flowing or returning to the heating area. Without the ARPrv control the heating element tries to keep the continuous cycle going – but has insufficient liquids to heat. This just creates higher heat within the system. Worse, the factory control unit isn’t designed to monitor the actual boiler temperature either. As a result,  it just keeps trying to keep the cycle going – even without enough liquids in the heating area. This excessive heat damages the plumbing piping and eventually causes a burst of these chemicals to the outside air – an immediate and intense fire may result!


The ARP Control introduces an improved method for protecting your Norcold or Dometic fridge while maintaining the original warranty ( Further reading see Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act ). The ARP Control pro-actively protects your fridge rather than responding after a failure has occurred such as the present recalls do. This is an improvement upon factory control methods, thus Magnuson–Moss Warranty Act insures that you can improve your safety. (Also See Restore Factory Settings )

The ARP Control keeps your RV fridge running like new!

The ARP Control is an RV refrigerator game changer!

A very long felt need has now been answered for your RV refrigerator. For 50 years RV fridge controls never addressed the issue of maintaining safe heat levels in the boiler. As a consequence, RV fridges would fail due to conditions such as off level operation which caused the boiler assembly to overheat. No longer does the operator of the RV fridge have to be thinking of turning off their fridge during travel, or driving in circles to find a level parking place because the ARP Control will keep your fridge safe.


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