Tips for boondocking

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RVers use the term boondocking to describe camping without any utility hookups, usually in remote areas (out in the “Boonies”). The term “dry camping” is also used and means pretty much the same thing (no water hookups = dry). Just say to a old RVer “I love boondocking out on BLM land…” and you’ll sound like a pro. Of course if you do, they will then ask “Where is your favorite spot?” so be prepared with an answer.

boondockingDo you want to have the freedom and confidence to stay and enjoy your RV anywhere? Most RVs are designed to be self-sufficient homes on wheels and are well suited for camping without hookups. Still, many RV owners get apprehensive at the thought of traveling too far from the comfort and security of the full hookup RV park.

We have found that becoming self-sufficient in our RV has greatly expand our camping and travel options. So we want to share some tips and suggestions that have helped us.

If you like to camp in the wild, or just want to avoid RV parks on long road trips, we hope these tips and suggestions help you get the most out of your RV experience when camping without hookups.

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