Is solar power for you?

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A really great and practical article about solar power from JdFinley over at JDFINLEY.COM

The topic of solar power on an RV comes up very regularly. Instead of repeating the same thing over and over, I thought perhaps documenting it might be helpful and consume less of my time. I am most certainly not the sole source of this information – this same information is all over the Internet and textbooks and has been around for a very, very long time.

Right off the bat, let’s get the air conditioning question out of the way. Running air conditioning from a 12 volt battery bank and solar is not reasonable at this point in time. Yes, it can be done but it will cost a good bit of money, require atypical equipment, and may require more solar panels that you have room for on your RV roof. If you have the roof space and the budget, go for it!

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Read the whole article here:

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