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ABOUTRVING.COM A website with tips and tricks about owning and living in an RV this is not about gadgets, repairs or technical issues but more about the 101 of RVing lifestyle.


What’s “About RVing” About…

The idea for this website was a result of the thousands of questions from what I call “New and Used RVers” and wannabee RVers that purchased our books, attended our seminars, were on forums, and e-mail groups. I belong to several e-mail groups but am only active on a couple of them—primarily the Monaco-owners group (Monacoers). We full-time in our Monaco.
So, the big question is why? Why would I screw around with a project like this (it takes a lot of time, effort, and there is a cost to do it)?

The answer is that I have loads of RVing information and want to share it with others. That’s it.

The joke is that as a retired educator, I can’t shut up. The reality is that I thoroughly enjoy writing and speaking to groups and (in my teaching and RVing) want to convey correct information about the “how to.” There is so much misinformation, myths, and rumors floating among RVers that maybe it’s my mission to try to correct it.

Where Did this Information Come From?

As you may know by now, I have written three RV books. All are “how to” books on some aspect of RVing and they contain detail—I try to explain every process/procedure thoroughly. I don’t mess around with the “feel good” stuff—I don’t care if you feel good about what I say, I just want you to do it. The reason I want you to do it is that the processes/procedures I write about are correct. They work and have been verified. They are the way it was meant to be.

With all that, writing a book is a fine way to get information to people but there is always new information coming out—especially during this time of our lives. Therefore, you should just think of the articles in this website as supplements, additions, or just totally new stuff that (mostly) didn’t go into the books!

But some did. So, in several places, I used excerpts from one of my books as a starting place for the article. If you had one of my books and the respective article open side-by-side, you might think they were the same. But they are not. Think of it this way, the details are in the books. The newest information is in the website.

How Big is This Site?

I now have over 100+ full-blown articles (under RV Topics) with plans to add more every couple of weeks. We have topped 80+ RV Tips, and a mass of Unusual Places.

[Friendly Advice… I strongly recommend you NOT try to print all these articles. Or if you do, try to find a wholesale outlet to buy your printer cartridges. Our best guess is that there is about 400± pages of information on the site—many with full-color photos. A page is equivalent to a Microsoft Word.doc page.]

I Had Some Help

While I have lots of experience, there are technical areas I really have no interest in and others are much more qualified than I to write about it. Whenever that happened, I asked good people to help. You will see their names at the top of their respective articles and if they are responsible for a full RV Topic, I have included a bio on the RV Topic Intro page.

I Appreciate Comments

For anyone wishing to contact me, please e-mail me at… [email protected]

  • I do not answer e-mails without subject lines
  • I get a lot of e-mail, it may take a while. Be patient.
  • I do not have the expertise nor interest to answer in-depth technical questions specifically about repair or maintenance. Find a good RV tech and ask them.
  • If I’ve made an error, please, it’s my first one ever so let me know about it ASAP!

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