Water heater repair

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Atwood water heater troubleshooting guide





Weeping or dripping of a pressure-temperature relief valve while the water heater is running DOES NOT mean it is
defective. This is normal expansion of water as it is heated in the closed water system of a recreation vehicle. The
Atwood water heater tank is designed with anĀ  internal air gap at the top of the tank to reduce the possibility of weeping
and dripping. In time, the expanding water will absorb this air. To replace the air follow these steps:
Step 1:
Turn off water heater
Step 2:
Turn off incoming water supply
Step 3:
Open the closest hot water faucet in the coach
Step 4
Pull handle of pressure-temperature relief valve straight out and allow water to flow until it stops.
Step 5
Allow pressure-temperature relief valve to snap shut, turn on water supply and close faucet

This will make sure there is an air bubble on top of the tank.

Atwood water heater not heating, won’t light with wiring and diagnostics


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