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Keeps Your Motorhome Engine Starting Battery FULLY CHARGED…
 No More Dead Batteries Due to Parasitic Loads! 

Automatically charges and maintains your motorhome engine’s starting batteries whenever you’re parked for extended periods – Ensures fast, reliable engine starts; maximizes battery life.

UTLS Kit Medium Shot

See more: http://www.lslproducts.net/TLSPage.html

Winnebago/Itasca Part No. 156431-01-000
Coach House Part No. ELC000231
Monaco Coach Part No. 262136
(NOTE: Item is identical for all brands)
For Diesel & Gas Motorcoaches
Single or dual starting battery applications
Fully Automatic Operation
Install it, and forget it!
Gentle, Tapered Charge Rate
Prevents over/undercharging, minimizes water loss
No AC Power Cord
“Steals” DC power from your RV’s house battery charger – No AC wiring or extension cords required!
Safer Than AC-Powered Chargers
No electric shock or fire hazards
Also Works With Solar Panels
Perfect for camping or RV storage in areas where AC power isn’t available
5 Amp Maximum Output
Easily handles dual starting batteries
Optimizes Starting Battery Life
Prevents destructive deep discharges – Pays for itself in battery savings!
Simplifies Seasonal Maintenance
No need to remove your batteries prior to RV storage; no need to re-install them after taking the RV out of storage
LED Status Indicators
Monitor all charging functions, warn against improper hook-up 
Rugged, Reliable Design
Epoxy-encapsulated enclosure – Completely waterproof, burnout-proof
Full One-Year Warranty
Toll-free technical support, 7 days a week – Satisfaction guaranteed! 
Complete – Nothing Else To Buy
Includes installation hardware, instructions  
Designed, Built & Supported in
The United States of America

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