Holding tank repair

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 Plasti-Mend manufactures a line of plastic repair products for the quick, permanent repair of ABS and other solvent reactive plastics. These plastics are widely used for  items such as tanks, RV holding tanks, shower pans and sinks, AC shrouds, auto and motorcycle body and trim parts, equipment shrouds and housings and many other everyday uses.

Great news for the RVer

One of the most dreaded things for an RVer is seeing their RV holding tank leaking. But, the great news is, most RV holding tanks are ABS plastic and can be permanantly repaired with Plasti-Mend.

Plasti-Mend Black provides an effective and economical permanant guaranteed repair for ABS Holding Tanks. Instead of $200-$500 for a new tank and that much or more for installation, you can permanently repair it with the Plasti-Mend Black Repair Kit for less than $35 and your rig can be back into use within hours.

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