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Fly Web Fly Trap

Rid yourself of flies, gnats, and other flying insects without toxic and harmful chemicals with this plug-in device. The fly light can be used with any standard AC outlets and utilizes a 9-Watt UV light to attract bugs within a 600 square foot area. Once bugs enter the enclosure they’ll become trapped with the adhesive glueboard. No odors are emitted from this compact unit, so you won’t even notice it once installed. Setting up the fly light only takes a couple seconds. Insert the glueboard into the plug-in unit and then plug into an electrical outlet. The fly light will continue operating until unplugged to provide round the clock protection from flying pests. Glueboards are easily replaced so you can continue using the plug-in unit for years to come. Designed For Indoor Use Only.

fly_web_fly_trap_1Very handy. It catches dozens of pesky little gnats, fruit flies, etc., that I didn’t even know I had. And house flies and small moths.
When the sticky board is fairly well covered with “catches”, you need to change the board for maximum effectiveness.
It uses UV (ultraviolet) light to attract the flying insects. So, it’s best not to place it in a brightly lit area. Also, the “UV” output of the bulb diminishes over time, even if the light bulb is still lit. So, replace the bulb at the beginning of the season.
I have two, one in a dark hallway near an exterior door, and, one in my kitchen. The kitchen one does its job mostly at night, as the kitchen is pretty bright in the daytime. And, they both do double-duty as night lights. Thinking of getting another for my garage.


Amazon Fly Web Fly Trap $32

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