Gas or Diesel?

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Pros of owning a Gas RV

  • If you’re looking to travel only once in a while, then a smaller gas engine RV (35 feet or smaller) could make more sense.
  • Since service and fuel stations are common, gas is much more accessible and affordable than diesel.
  • Gas engines are also more resistant to cold weather than diesel engines.
  • They have higher RPMs (about 6000 RPMs), allowing for a smoother, quieter ride with faster acceleration.

Cons of owning a Gas RV

  • Gasoline has a strong odor and a short shelf life due to evaporation.
  • Gas engines have weaker towing power compared to diesel equivalents.

Pros of owning a Diesel RV

  • RVs with diesel engines are an excellent choice if you are looking to travel frequently and for longer periods of time.
  • They tend to offer more efficient fuel consumption, meaning less frequent refills at the gas pump.
  • Diesel engines usually have better torque. This means improved towing capability, an important factor if floor space is a priority.
  • If well maintained, diesel engines have a longer life than gasoline ones and can still perform reliably after extensive mileage. This means diesel RVs often retain a higher resell value after a few years.

Cons of owning a Diesel RV

  • At a range of $2.00 to $3.50 per gallon, diesel fuel often costs more at the pump. However, this is off-set by their superior fuel economy.
  • RVs with diesel engines have lower RPMs than those with gas engines meaning slower acceleration and lower top speeds.

On a forum I read:

Both gas and diesel motorhomes work real well. Both can tow a vehicle. Either one can do the job.
Diesels cost more initially but last longer and have a better resale value, so cost is a wash.
Diesels get better gas mileage but diesel cost more than gas so that is a wash.
Diesels cost more to do a maintenance job but need less maintenance so that is a wash.
It really comes down to a matter of do you want the engine sitting next to you or 35 feet away from you.

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