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In another post I told about a 5th wheeler we found and kind of liked, this week (Oct 2015) we found a Class A we liked a lot too. But the asking price was way to high and the state it was in unknown to us. Also there are still so m any questions unanswered so nope not yet!

One sentence keeps going thru my head all the time:

With a  motorhome your vacation starts when you leave, in all other RV’s your vacation starts when you arrive.

The more you think about it, the more sense it makes. Now for all the choices:

Pop-up camper:

Nope we are not going camping and scale back on space, convenience and stuff we want to bring.

Travel Trailer:

Needs a big truck and drives terrible. You have transport after setting up.Nope!

5th Wheeler:

Needs a big truck and seems to be driving better than a TT, and stil an option. You have transport after setting up.

Motorhome class A:

Very convenient and depending on model has all the convenience as home. Is more costly to maintain than a Class C and after setup you still need some sort of transport. (Bike or Car) Does not need the big truck.

Motorhome class C:

In between 5th Wheel and Class A, less space than a 5th wheeler or class A and less stuff you can take with you, does not need a big truck. But after arrival you need a form of transportation. (Car or Bikes)

Motorhome class B:

Nice if you are a single person and don’t mind to make the bed every day. To small for us and the dog.

Toy hauler:

If a car could fit, maybe but you lose a lot of living space so for now Nope.

NOTE: The big truck

A note about the big Truck, you millage will be less than a regular car at home and on vacation however you do not need another engine to maintain. When choosing a motorhome it is very inconvenient to go sight seeing or just do groceries because you need to disconnect hookups, retract awnings and clean up in general before you leave. Also parking will always be a hassle. So with a motorhome it makes sense to tow a small car. A 4×4 or off road vehicle like a Jeep is what a lot of people choose.


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