Dog bones 101

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I know the featured image of the dog does not show the dog bones I’m talking about. Here are some examples of what I had in mind:

Can you spot the difference?


50 amp to 30 amp

30 amp to 50 amp

20 amp to 30 amp

50 amp (2×120 volts)

30 amp (120 volts)

20 amp (120 volts)

A typical RV pedestal looks like this;

Watch the video and you will learn (almost) everything you need about hooking up electricity to the RV.


This question was from someone with a 50 amp RV (a post in another group) He was asking if you could use a specific dogbone on a pedestal in case there were only two 30 amp receptacles so he could plugin to both recep[tacles and have 60 amp available. (See picture) Someone said you will get 240 volts. Both answers are not what happens.

This dogbone will create two 30 AMP legs for your 50 amp plug. A normal 50 amp outlet is two legs of 50 amp 120 volts each. It will give you the opportunity to use all 30 amps on each leg. It does NOT make it a 60 amp system, it does NOT make it a 240 volt system.

As an example;

On a 50 amp hookup, I can run my big air conditioner AND the microwave at the same time. When I plug into a 30 amp I can only run the air conditioner but NOT the microwave at the same time. With this gadget, I can run both again BUT (THIS IS IMPORTANT) they have to be on a separate leg at the pedestal AND a separate leg in the RV. L1 is 30 Amp and L2 is 30 Amp.
See my comment for a stepdown 30 to 50 amp (normal) dogbone.

The schematic picture shows what the effect is with this “dogbone”. Be aware that you could get into problems if the pedestal is wired in a different way as in the schematic picture, you might even cause a short!


Only plug this specific dogbone in when ALL electricity is removed from BOTH sockets, the prongs of the other socket will carry electricity when one is plugged in!

The “normal” 30 to 50 Amp dogbone will put 30 Amp to L1 and L2, as the schematic will show the 30 amp is shared.


(Left) 50 AMP 240 volts and (right) 30 AMP 240 volts These sockets are found in homes, buildings, and farms and used for Washer/Dryers and welding installations. DO NOT USE FOR YOUR RV!

RV 50 amp 2×120 volts

RV 30 Amp 120 volts

HOW TO TEST THE PEDESTAL using a multimeter


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