Our first RV choice Open Range RF316RLS

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RF316RLS_floorplanThe first 5th wheeler we like, a  Highland Roamer Open Range RF316RLS


Specifications RF316RLS (PDF)

31 feet long.

Saturday September 26th we went on our first trip to look at RVs. We choose a dealer with high score reviews about 30 minutes away. It took us the whole afternoon to go in and out travel trailers and 5th wheels, it was exhausting but we learned a lot. David was helping us and showed us what we wanted to see. He was very helpful an had a no pressure attitude, this was a real good experience. He did not even ask for our name and address. Places like this will win our business, not the high pressure “lets run some numbers” places.

Our first place we visited was North Country RV in Ham Lake http://www.northcountryrv.com

Open Range has their own Forum http://www.openrangeowners.com so I’m reading about these RVs right now. More trips to different places to follow!

As far as our first choice we figured to buy a 5th wheel. A big Class A or Class C would be great to drive in but at your destination you don’t have a vehicle to see places unless you tow another one. This brings up more cost as you have now two engines to maintain. A travel trailer is great but seems not to be driving very well behind a truck it will always sway and rock the truck. A 5th wheel has more space and ceiling and feels more open. So that is our choice for now. Of course we can change our mind in a whim, have to visit more places!





























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