RV Satellite TV and Making a Choice

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David talks about Satellite TV for your RV:

Source: http://www.outsideourbubble.com/rv-satellite-tv-making-a-choice

What really gets me though is why the RV industry seems to always include a DirecTV satellite receiver in the coach that comes with a dome.  This makes no sense at all seeing that everything else in the coach is setup for HiDef (HDTV).  What do I mean?  Simple…No dome RV satellite dishes can receive HDTV from DirecTV!!! It is only able to receive standard definition from the dome based on DirecTV using the KA band for all HDTV broadcasts. (Domes use KU band LNB antennas.)  Only Dish Network is able to be received in HDTV from a dome as they broadcast everything in the KU band.  My only thought is that they get a kickback for each receiver activated. But that is so wrong as it really seems to confuse people and by the time they find this out it’s too late and they are locked into a contract.
:End Rant:

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