Private RV Wi-Fi and Making a Better Park Connection for Under $100

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David has a very nice setup and explanatory video how you can improve your WiFi and have a permanent network in your RV.


What can we say, we all would like a much better connection to an RV Parks Wi-Fi. For at times, you just can’t reach based on where you are parked or you can not stay connected. It also would be nice to have our own internal protected Wi-Fi setup in our coach or RV for all our devices to connect to. (Noting can make you 100% secure, but having your own internal Wi-Fi setup surely makes you more secure than just being on a RV parks Wi-Fi network.)

Seeing I have been asked about a lower cost solution vs our other video of our personal setup, in the below video we show you how you can do this for under $100! You will not only have a much more powerful connection to a parks Wi-Fi over a longer distance, but you will always connect to your own secure Wi-Fi in your RV so you never need to connect to another SSID for each device. This also means you will be able to connect your wireless printer and print to it any time. (Just leave the setup plugged in.)


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